What To Look For In An Online Diamond Dealer/Vendor

What To Look For In An Online Diamond Dealer/Vendor

For most people, buying a diamond is typically a new experience. However, this does not mean that it should be overwhelming. Purchasing diamond has been made easier today as a result of the development of e-commerce. Even though e-commerce has been with us for more than two decades, many shoppers still exhibit skepticism in regards to large expenses.

The prospect of buying expensive jewelry online can sound daunting at first glance. A simple Google search reveals thousands of online vendors dealing in different diamonds with varied price ranges. Most people would have trouble separating the usual scammers from the real deal.

A good percentage of the online vendors are legitimate diamond stores. However, there is always the chance of encountering a few unscrupulous online dealers on the prowl for hardworking individuals to scam.

When selecting your ideal diamond from a sea of dealers, it is crucial to have all the necessary information regarding online jewelry purchase. What to look out for when buying diamonds online? Well, that is the purpose of this simple but comprehensive guide.

Below is an overview of the most important characteristics and factors that you should consider when purchasing a diamond online. The information herein will help you differentiate between the various websites.

What You See And What You Get From An Online Diamond Store

One of the pain points of online shopping and factor that is preventing widespread adoption is the chance of getting what you did not purchase. Just about anyone with basic computer skills can upload computer generated designs of various jewelry pieces and claim the designs as they own. In addition, there are billions of stock images of different diamond available online. So how should one deal with this problem?

The willingness of the online diamond dealer to share information with you is key here. A reputable dealer would have no problem sharing information that legitimizes the diamond you see indexed on their site. The information can include video evidence of the lighting performance of the diamond, grading reports and a series of first-hand photographs of the stone. Legitimate vendors will make this information readily available to you without even asking.

It is also important that you conduct your own thorough analysis of the potential purchase. A good place to start is comparing the images of the diamond to the data on the grading report. This can enable you to verify the legitimacy of the video or photo evidence provided. You should ideally extend this practice when dealing with the local jeweler.

Customer Support: Does The Vendor AID You In Understanding The Purchase

24-hour customer support is a very important aspect when it comes to online businesses. A diamond purchase is guaranteed to dent your wallet and the sector exhibits technical terminologies that you may not understand. As such, customer service is essential in order to avoid any confusion and misunderstanding. A vendor without a platform through which your questions can be answered is a red flag.

Always tests the vendor’s ability to answer questions regarding what they are actually selling. Take this opportunity to inquire about how they can prove that the stone you see is the stone they have at the store. You should avoid the online diamond dealers who cannot back their indexed products with evidence.

Any vendor that relies on you trust them on their word is a no go zone. You can also ask about the stone standards and note what the dealer tries to market to you. A dishonest dealer may attempt to market different standards for the same price.

Website Usability

Online diamond stores have a larger inventory and range of products than physical stores. The numerous choices and options mean that the site has to be user-friendly for you to have a great shopping experience. You will be selecting out of thousands of products and a poorly optimized site will give you a headache. Opt for vendors that have well-organized sites with a user-friendly layout whereby you can easily find exactly what you want.

All in all, purchasing a diamond online has several advantages over traditional physical stores. These include a wider range of products, lower prices, and convenience. The competitive nature of online markets means that online dealers have to offer more in order to stay ahead, which is a plus for the consumer.