Where Is The Best Place to Buy Diamonds or Engagement Rings Online?

Where Is The Best Place to Buy Diamonds or Engagement Rings Online?

If you want to buy a diamond or engagement ring online, you should know that some online retailers are better than others! At Rubyjeweljamboree.com, we empower diamond and engagement ring buyers by sharing our expert shopping tips. Today, we’re going to let you know some wonderful places to buy, one of which may be perfect for you.

Diamonds and engagement rings comes in many different styles, at an array of price points. The key to finding what’s ideal is comparison-shopping. When you comparison-shop by visiting the official websites that we talk about here, you’ll be shopping like diamond and jewelry experts do. Comparing prices and product details will allow you to get a great deal on the diamond or engagement ring of your dreams!

Check the World’s Biggest Online Retailers

To get a sense of what’s out there and what things cost, we recommend checking the biggest online retailers first. These diamond and engagement ring purveyors offer superb selection, styles at different price points and reliable, professional customer service. Suffice it to say that it’s vital to buy from a reputable online retailer. All of the online jewelers that we are about to talk about are reputable sources for diamonds and engagement rings.

The first online retailer to check out is Bluenile.com. Blue Nile is a huge online retailer for fine jewelry and it is an online storefront which is run according to ethical business practices. This company is traded publicly and it offers diamonds and engagement rings for very affordable prices. Blue Nile is big. The company has capital galore, so it’s able to buy fine jewelry in bulk, for lower costs per unit. The company then passes on the savings to its valued clientele.

Another great option is James Allen. You’ll find this company at jamesallen.com. We think that this online retailer is a fine choice for engagement rings. When you select a ring from James Allen, your ring will come with a lifetime warranty. As well, your FedEx shipping will be insured at no extra charge. The website offers superior customer service, including a call center which is open every minute of the day and night. Also, James Allen offers customers thirty-day returns and financing options. If you want a serious engagement ring, you’ll love the selection of high-quality rings that you find at this website. It’s popular because it really delivers for discerning engagement ring buyers.

Those who want the ultimate in luxury will benefit from checking out Tiffany.com. This elegant, New York City-based jewelry firm is known for its refined and exquisite diamonds and its coveted fine jewelry. You’ll find engagement rings at Tiffany, the cheapest of which cost about twelve grand! These rings (along with all other Tiffany fine jewelry designs) have cachet and they are shipped out in lovely, robin’s egg blue boxes. While Tiffany certainly isn’t for the budget-conscious shopper, the firm’s jewelry designs are meant to thrill and inspire…and to be treasured for a lifetime.

Look at Local Jeweler Websites

If you want to buy closer to home, we strongly recommend doing a Google search for “diamonds” or “engagement rings”, plus your town or city name. Check out the first three or four results that pop up. They will likely be local jewelers which are very popular with customers in your area. It may be possible to find deals on diamonds or engagement rings which allow you to save money as you “shop local”.

Order online or research online and then buy in person. Before making a decision about buying from a local jeweler, you should compare its prices with the prices for similar jewelry or diamonds at the biggest retailers. Sometimes, local jewelers charge more, because they are smaller and can’t buy their diamonds and engagement rings in bulk, like Blue Nile and James Allen do!

Start Shopping for Jewelry Today

Whether you want a basic and affordable gemstone or piece of jewelry, or prefer to go for mid-range of high-end designs, our shopping tips should help you to find the best diamonds or engagement rings online. We believe that careful comparison-shopping is the key to finding exactly what you want for the lowest possible price.

When buying diamonds, keep the 4 Cs (color, cut, clarity and carat) in mind. Diamonds range widely in quality, so learning about the 4 Cs will help you to make a choice that is right for you.